about us

Welcome to Lanka Connection!

Lanka Connection is the premier social networking community for Lankans everywhere!.

We know, you’re asking why would I get on Lanka Connection if I have another Social Media account ?

Great question! Our team here at Lanka Connection has accounts on all of those as well and they are great, but we always wanted something a bit more, well…Lankan.

What does that mean?

Let’s say you are looking to find that special someone and you are new to Boston. Or maybe you are looking to hire someone in Kandy that has a particular qualification from London, or perhaps you just moved to Al-Ain and want to find some buddies in Dubai that also yearn for the heaven that Hotel de Pilawoo’s Chicken Kottu Roti is. Welll, Mr.Zuckerberg’s website is great and all but he is focused on world domination, we just want to connect Lankans (Get it? Lanka Connection?) all over the world.

So come on in, check us out and Connect!